About The Sister Body Deck

An environmentally conscious oracle deck. Reflections, rituals and readings for the divine in all of us.

Made by Sisters. 
Made in the USA. 
Printed on recycled paper using wind power and plant-based inks. 

The Sister Creators Diggy + Sue: 
Diggy, a professional photographer, and Sue, an author and spiritual teacher, created The Sister Body Deck with a mission of increasing awareness in our cultural narratives. 

"We are passionate about bringing more self-awareness to humanity. The Sister Body Deck is a lens into our inner world of beauty, pleasure and sustainable heart felt conscious, shifting the self-identity of many. It encourages us to open to our own divine gifts with grace and power."

Themes of gender equality, heart felt conscious activism, personal empowerment and rich expression run through the imagery and descriptive card guidebook. Expect contemplative practices, meditation techniques and card reading rituals that honor divine union, and a potent approach to the spirit realms. 

The Sister Body Deck is composed of 54 spirit cards complete with a guidebook containing card descriptions, card reading methods, mantras and extended meditative practices. A wooden, handmade in the USA box holds the ritualistic cards and guidebook.